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Farmers respond to changes in getting eggs from the farm to your table. Oklahoma farmers take an unusual path to get crops to market. Hawaii farmers educate visitors about agriculture. A Wisconsin farmer has shows off his woodworking skills.

Egg ProductionEgg Production
California is one of the top egg producing states in the nation, generating a good portion of the 75 billion eggs produced in the U.S. each year. In California, some new procedures at one farming operation could affect the eggs that make their way to your breakfast table.



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Port of Catoosa Port of Catoosa
Oklahoma farmers and ranchers raise significant amounts of grain and livestock that make their way to markets in the U.S. and overseas. Transportation is critical in getting those goods to market - the kind of transportation that includes a maritime port in a landlocked state.


Tropical Farmer’s Market Tropical Farmer’s Market
When you’re on vacation, it’s always nice to learn about favorite foods from the area. In Hawaii, there are a lot of choices unique to the island’s culture. Come with us to the Big Island, where we meet farmers growing some special crops.

Dairy Wood-CarverDairy Wood-Carver
A visit to the Hazaert farmstead in rural Wisconsin provides a glimpse of some relics from days gone by: a silo that doesn’t get used any more; an old dairy barn that’s developed a bit of a lean with age and time. If you look closely, though, you’ll see something else: the handiwork of a retired farmer that has a story all its own.

Working the Land: Ellen Zagory, HorticulturistWorking the Land: Ellen Zagory, Horticulturist
As a horticulturist, Ellen Zagory's job is primarily to know plants - to know the names of plants, understand how they grow, and observe their characteristics.



Harvesting KnowledgeHarvesting Knowledge: Hot Dogs
Name a product that encorporates any number of farm fresh commodities all in one package. It's the hot dog.

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