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Sarah Gardner visits a farming program helping Armed Services veterans transition from combat to life on the land. Jason Shoultz travels to Minnesota where immigrant members of the Hmong community are starting out in farming. Sharon Profis heads to the kitchen for a unique recipe on deep fried avocado egg rolls. Rob Stewart heads to an outdoor classroom in Massachusetts teaching students about farming.

Range Riders & ViewfindersRange Riders & Viewfinders
Florida’s Adam’s Cattle Ranch is famous for its beef and for its owner as well. 82 year old Rancher Bud Adams has been taking award winning photographs for decades. And his work has captured life on the cattle ranch as well as the dramatic environment in which he lives and works.



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A New HarvestA New Harvest
Serving time for inmates at Ohio’s Mansfield Correctional Institution means more than just hard time behind bars. That’s because the facility’s farm program gives them experiences they’ve never had before and it means that inmates have an opportunity to develop skills that will serve them on the outside.


From Tree To TableFrom Tree To Table
When it comes to navel oranges, there’s a good chance that the oranges in your kitchen could have come from the Bailey Brothers grove in Central California. That’s because the brothers oversee a citrus operation that turns out more than 40 million pounds of citrus each year.


The Kids Are AlrightThe Kids Are Alright
What began as a mere hobby has become an award winning cheese business for Gayle and Jim Tanner. A beginning that consisted of one goat and residing in Northern California has evolved into a farm full of goats in Tennessee and Bonnie Blue Farms which produces over 12 different products including feta cheese and award-winning goats milk!


The Kids Are AlrightOff the Shelf: Pickles
More than half of the cucumbers grown in the US actually end up as pickles. The average Amercian consumes about 9 pounds of pickles every year.
The Kids Are AlrightHarvesting Knowledge: Corn
Corn is the ultimate American crop with a history going back a long time.

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