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Timber Harvesting
It’s a hardwood harvest for the Baker family. For more than a quarter century, family members have been cutting and hauling timber in the Black Hills of South Dakota. But handling timber these days is a far cry from the lumberjack days of old.

Large mechanized tractors will cut the trees, flip them over and strip the branches. Those steps make the logs ready for the mill. The family says their work with wood allows them to create needed fence posts for farmers as well as fine moldings for home builders.


Trees - Fun Fact:
Can’t see the forest for the trees? The United States has more than 900 different species of trees with maples, fir trees, aspens, oaks and pines high on the list for the most common. And some of our trees have been around for a long time. California is home to giant sequoia trees more than three thousand years old and one of California’s bristle cone pines in estimated to be nearly five thousand years old.

Baker Timber Products
South Dakota Farm Bureau
South Dakota Department of Agriculture

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