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Fieldgrove Farm
The Fieldgrove family had a problem on their Wyoming ranch. An invasive species of weed was impacting feed for their growing herd of cattle. Instead of using herbicides to control and kill the weed, the family decided that goats could be the solution to their problem.

That “natural” environmental approach is only one of the steps the Fieldgroves have taken to improve their land. They’ve also modified their cattle fencing to allow a native bird species to flourish in their fields.


Wyoming - Fun Fact:
One more environmental note: agricultural land in the Cowboy State provides critical winter habitat for 75% of Wyoming’s wildlife. And there’s a lot of Wyoming agricultural land: nearly 30 million acres! By the way, long before human beings and livestock trod that soil, dinosaurs were common in Wyoming more than 100 million years ago.

Wyoming Farm Bureau
Wyoming Department of Agriculture

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