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Travel to Montana for a one of a kind sheep roundup. Head for the orchard and apple harvest time at one historic New England farm. Discover how one farmer’s soybeans are destined for products in your home.

Sheep RoundupSheep Roundup
John Helle is a third generation sheep rancher in Montana. Come summer, John and his crew will move thousands of sheep from one pasture area to another. The move provides new grazing land for the livestock and sets the herd in place to be shorn of their wool.


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Applecrest Apple Farm Applecrest Apple Farm
In 2013, Todd Wagner's family is celebrating one hundred years of farming. The Wagners have a long time orchard operation in New Hampshire raising bright red apples. The family decided, however, that success could only come from diversification. So, a generation back, they added agritainment to their farming operation.

Soybean Harvest Soybean Harvest
The United States is the largest producer of soybeans in the world. Arkansas’ Brantley family considers their soybean operation to be critical to the family’s farming success. The Brantleys have been working their central Arkansas land for generations with soybeans being key in their rotation of crops.

Greene Hill NurseryGreene Hill Nursery
Nursery owners will tell you that the steps involved in horticulture are just as involved and demanding as raising a crop of corn, wheat, or soybeans. Alabama’s Greene Hill Nursery has been meeting the need for specific landscaping plants for more than a quarter century.


Off the Shelf: BeansOff the Shelf: Beans
Thanks to changing tastes and demographics in the United States, beans are playing a larger role in the diets of many people. Jason Shoultz takes a look at the variety of choices when it comes to these legumes on your supermarket shelves.

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