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Looking for a way to bring the beauty of America's Heartland to life in your classroom? This section will be regularly updated with excellent resources to accompany select story segments of America's Heartland. We begin with discussion guides targeting Career Exploration among secondary and collegiate aged students.

Study Guides
Career Profiles
Environmental Stewardship
Food Science
Fruits and Nuts
Organic Production
Specialty Products

Lesson Plans

Agriculture: It's a Risky Business (1.1 MB, PDF)
America's Heartland Facts Lesson (4.0 MB, PDF)
Beneficial Bats (665 KB, PDF)
Breads Around the World (2.6 MB, PDF)
Buzzy Buzzy Bee (2.8 MB, PDF)
Cows or Condos (3.5 MB, PDF)
From Sea to Shining Sea (2.5 MB, PDF)
Loco For Cocoa (5.8 MB, PDF)
Step By Step (3.1 MB, PDF)
Tomatoes to Ketchup Chickens to Omelettes (2.7 MB, PDF)
Trading Favorites (3.9 MB, PDF)
Tree-Mendous (4.0 MB, PDF)

You will need the free Adobe Reader to open lesson plans. If you don't have Adobe Reader installed on your computer you can download it here.