Episode 821 addthis
Fans of antique tractors gather to see them action once again. Discover how gluten free affects your diet and your health. Sharon Vaknin serves up some very special walnut recipes. Harvest some very hot chiles at one Arizona farm. Find out why sweet means different things when it comes to sugar.

California Tractor DaysCalifornia Tractor Days
We'll take you to the “Best Show” in Northern California. It's an antique tractor celebration featuring the “Best Tractor Company” formed by C.L. Best in the 1800s. The tractor design uses track-tred instead of wheels. Aficionados gather to fire up steam engines and put the old machines to the test.


Gluten Free Oats Gluten Free Oats
Look around your supermarket today, and you’ll see foods labeled “gluten-free”. For some consumers with food allergies or food intolerances like celiac disease, avoiding products with gluten is important. See how this growing dietary preference is providing new opportunities for farmers like Bruce Wright.

Farm to Fork: Walnuts Farm to Fork: Walnuts
Walnuts are one of the most versatile tree nuts around. Sharon Vaknin serves up some very special walnut recipes that you will want to try including a sweet and salty recipe for caramel coated walnuts and walnut pesto over chicken skewers.

Chile FarmingChile Farming
Mild, medium, and hot are three words describing the farming focus for Arizona grower Ed Curry. That’s because Ed has extensive acreage devoted entirely to chile peppers. Curry farms in Pearce, Arizona has been developing and growing chile varieties for more than thirty years.


Agriculture 101: Sugar and SweetenersAgriculture 101: Sugar and Sweeteners
Do you like a little sugar in your morning coffee? How about a sugary topping on an apple pie or something to sweeten the flavor of your soft drink? Are all sweeteners the same and what about a sugary flavor that comes from corn?

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